World Can't Wait and Their Quest for Relevance

The proverbial folded Kinko's photocopy...can you feel teh revolushion? (pic from zombietime)

Type: CHUDs on Parade
CHUDitude: 8
Location of Outbreak: Berkeley, CA (captured on Zomblog)
Description of Attack: World Can't Wait is struggling for relevance in the post-communist era. They have tried slapping more exclamation points on their website, and they penned a CHUDeriffic Op-Ed in the Berkeley Daily Planet on "Why I Don't Support the Troops". Now, they've jumped on the Code Pink bandwagon to protest the Marine Recruiting Station in Berkeley. Zomblog has captured the above CHUD propaganda with Abu Ghraib imagery, which has become a modern Neverending Story, fueling CHUD attacks for 5 years now. While Abu Ghraib is a legitimate critique of the military, the crazy on the left (uh, Rockefeller conspiracies?) and the Rascal-bound lardass on the right show that this group isn't very interested in reason.

Prognosis: There has been recent efforts in mainstream political circles to ostracize the fringe CHUD element (see lengthy Salon article on the silliness of CHUD culture). This is because they are embarrassing, incompetent, trolls for the causes they supposedly endorse. The Summer of Love ended a long time ago, and stupid protest tactics aren't effective anymore.


McClatchy Watch said...

I don't think that Rascal scooter is going to hold up much longer under the tonage.

Elaine said...

ugh... college. its the time to be self righteous!

Mezzo SF said...


*shakes head*

*rolls eyes*

HIPPIES! Can't live with 'em. Can't live without 'em. I mean. Wait. No, no. You probably could live without them. (Well, *I* could not live without them, as they seem to be the sticky substance holding the fabric of the Bay Area together. Akin to old gum scraped off the underside of a coffee table, they are a stubborn, gooey, and slightly crunchy mass serving as a reminder of a bygone age.)

(And yes. I'm totally crankypants today.)