Milbloggers Outraged at The Onion

Because of this video, some of the bigger bloggers are furious that The Onion would satirize wounded soldiers.
Cassandra of Villainous Company weighs in:
Coming from anyone else, the implication that American soldiers are just hapless dupes might be considered patronizing, even insulting in light of the enormous bravery, willpower and determination needed to volunteer to return to a combat zone after being seriously wounded.

Fortunately, since this is the Onion we can dismiss such obviously unfounded criticisms as being the product of an insufficiently nuanced world view.
Ouch, that's gonna leave a mark. At the worst it's offensive, and at the best it is horrendously unfunny. The Onion should stick to making fun of stoners.


Meth Addict Steals Veteran Memorial Statue for Quick Fix

Mug Shot of Meth-Mouthed Lowlife

Vincent J McManus most likely needed money for drugs, so he decided that stealing a memorial statues in New Jersey would be a quick means to meet this end. Criminals have been known to steal scrap metal from the military to feed their drug habits, but he didn't think the statue would be made out of concrete. From NorthJersey.com (h/t GP):
A borough man has been accused of trying to steal a statue erected in honor of fallen Marine Sgt. Matthew Fenton, a borough resident killed in Iraq in 2006, police said.

The suspect, Vincent J. McManus, told police he took the statue to sell for scrap metal — only to discover later that it was made of glazed concrete, police said.

The statue of a soldier was recovered yesterday in McManus’ back yard, where it was hidden under a garbage can, Lt. Frank Novak said. The only damage is a broken finger, he added.
How low can you get?