"Send McCain Back to his Cage at the Hanoi Hilton"

Stay Classy, IVAW. TSO and David M have the details on this piece of CHUD shit.


Wealthy C.H.U.D. Lowlife Charged by SEC with Insider Trading

Mark Cuban Prays That He Doesn't Get Raped in Prison

Mark Cuban, wealthy gadabout and owner of the Dallas Mavericks, has been charged with insider training by the Securities and Exchange Commission. Mark Cuban bankrolled the failed movie Redacted, which portrayed soldiers as rapists and monsters, and it was a colossal dud at the box office. He also had this to say about the movie at Blog World Expo 2007 [Vox Veterana]:
“The pictures are what will stop the war. One only hopes that these images will get the public incensed enough to motivate their Congressmen to vote against this war," he said.” The movie was financed by a company of Cuban’s and is thus directly supported by Cuban. Cuban described the movie in his speech at Blogworld by saying “Soldiers are bored 99% of the time, this film is about what they do with the other 1%.”
Obviously, soldiers do not indiscriminately kill, but apparently rich dickheads like Cuban find it in their heart to manipulate the market to their advantage when they are "not bored". What goes around really comes around, buddy.


CHUDs Nabbed in France

Remember the lowlifes that bombed the infamous NYC recruiting station in Times Square. It looks like they may have been caught. From the Telegraph:
French anti-terrorist police are holding 10 alleged members of a violent anarchist movement suspected of sabotaging power cables on high speed TGV train lines.

But it now transpires that the alleged culprits were netted thanks to information from the FBI, which allegedly linked two of them to the home-made bomb attack on an army recruitment centre in New York's Times Square in March.
Here's hoping they die of Syphilis in prison.


The View Slams Military Accomplishments in Iraq on Veterans Day

Joy Behar CHUDs out in style

One of the crazies on The View, for some reason, decided that Veterans Day was an appropriate time to bash the Iraq War calling it "terrible". To their credit, this wasn't much different than the response from some on Memorial Day. Like a late-night game of limbo, a very low bar has been set for mainstream culture.

(h/t Hot Air)


Protesting No Longer Relevant

All that was at the West Chester weekly protests, which Skye has been covering for months, was a couple of signs praising our new President Elect. If the protests were just about getting Bush and the Republicans out of office, why were protesters so eager to drag our troops through the mud the last 8 years?