Our Mission

The brief period of patriotism and unwavering support for our country's military following 9/11 has tapered off slightly, but most Americans are generally respectful of our service members. We are taught to not simply "expect" the public's admiration, but I would say that the military's relation with the public is quite healthy. I have worn a uniform since 2002 and have never been ridiculed for my service in person. However, beneath this pristine and sanitized surface of mainstream culture, there dwells an abominable beast in the sewer that seeks to scorn our military for a variety of personal and political purposes...the CHUD!

While I served my year in Iraq, I was astonished to see my fellow Americans make a mockery of us on cyberspace and in the streets. Code Pink protesting the Marine Recruiting Station in Berkeley, blog commenters ecstatic to see a murderous thug like Muqtada al-Sadr launching attacks on our forces, wild accusations of atrocities against civilians, disabled veterans being referred to as "damaged goods", likening our mission to the Imperial stormtroopers, and a NYC recruiting station that got blown up. The list goes on and on.

Since our disabled veterans will require the public's support for a long time, and learning from the lesson of how poorly our Vietnam veterans were treated, our mission is to take a non-partisan approach in hunting down those who choose to denigrate our troops and exposing them for the yahoos that they are. By keeping CHUDs in the sewer where they belong, we can ensure a prosperous future for those that served during a time of war.

Let the CHUD-Bustin' begin!

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