CHUDs Spit Radioactive Ooze All Over Iraq Vet!

Type: CHUDs On Parade
CHUDitude: 11 (yes, these go to 11)
Location of Outbreak: UC-Santa Barbara Protest (h/t Skye)
Description of Attack: There has been significant debate about whether or not CHUDs actually spit on Vietnam Veterans. Well, CHUD Busters wasn't around in that era, but consider this video definitive proof that it has occurred in our current conflict. This was filmed by an Iraq vet from the UCSB Young Republicans (alternative LiveLeak viewing here):

The highlights of the CHUD attacks include:
  • 2:25 - General Betrayus meme brought up
  • 4:40 - Sexy CHUD in disguise yells "Go back to Iraq and fuckin' kill people you asshole"
  • 5:42 - Crazy pony-tailed douchebag screams "Your military is raping women"
  • 6:20 - Vet spit on with "Fuck your facsist state" by a Punky Brewster CHUD, laughter is heard in the background
Prognosis: A cynical person might say that the YouTube director in question was provoking these attacks through political methodology, but the video is evidence of a full-scale CHUD outbreak. The only question remains is how to deal with these CHUDs: either drag them off to the funny farm or just put them down before they hurt themselves or someone else.

One possible solution to our CHUD woes

1 comment:

Mezzo SF said...

*snork* I'm always a sucker for those Spinal Tap references

As to the actual CHUDs themselves...sigh. Gross. And disgusting. And don't they know that if they lived in say . . . Singapore . . . they would be risking serious corporal reprecussions for spitting? Why do they think they have so much liberty here in the first place?