A Desperate Cry For Attention in Seattle

Type: Frat-Boy CHUD
CHUDitude: 9
Location of Outbreak: Seattle's The Stranger, "I, Anonymous" Forum
Description of Attack: Seattle's "Only Newspaper" The Stranger, hosts an uncensored forum where urban hipsters can scribble ridiculous rants about daily life in the Emerald City. If your sense of humor is low brow enough, you'll find forum topics like "Letters to my Abortions" and "Fuck You, Short People" to be good for a chuckle or two. Unfortunately, a downfall of this crass environment is that servicemembers are left open to CHUD attacks from anonymous keyboardists. In a not-so-subtle forum topic from March, entitled "Fuck the Troops", Ecce Homo writes:

Fuck these inbred ignorant high school dropout loser schmucks. Fuck em with a big hot poker then chop their dicks off. They ain't hero's, they are pigs who deserve to get blown up and killed. I hope the war goes on for a hundred years, that way, there will be less of these pigs on the streets of our country.

Clearly Mr. Homo's comments are as silly as they are offensive, yet the forum topic goes on for a lengthy 10 pages with people trying to rationalize why the troops are not pigs who deserve to get blown up and killed.

Prognosis: Mr. Homo is clearly writing this troll-like forum topic, because he desperately seeks attention (either negative or positive) from his fellow Seattle cyber-denizens. His signature script reads "The BEST thing about Pony is that it kept the faggots out of Pioneer Square", which clearly is designed to further offend most of Seattle's progressive population. Ecce Homo is analagous to the frat-boy at the rush party, who unabashedly grabs a young woman's ass to get the attention of other woman at the party. Many women will attempt to rationalize this irrartional, brutish action with things like "Why would he do that?" or "Why didn't he grab my butt, am I fat?". Instead, this obnoxious frat-boy should have just been kicked in the balls. Ecce Homo is peacocking his CHUD like traits, and it is best to ignore him until he crawls back into the sewer.

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