William Arkin Just Can't Let Go Of The Past

Mr. Arkin Takes A Break From His Hectic Lifestyle in Vermont To CHUD it Up

Type: Mr. Van Driessen CHUD
CHUDitude: 4
Location of Outbreak: Washington Post, Planet War Forum (h/t This Ain't Hell)
Description of Attack: With Saddam's Regime completely dismantled, Al-Qaeda fleeing Mosul, and talk of the ability to significantly reduce combat coalition forces in Iraq, it can only be surmised that U.S. forces are fleeing Iraq like the Polish cavalry from the Nazi invaders. William Arkin postulates that the focus point of the election is how the presidential candidates attempt to preserve the faltering honor of our service members:

In fact both men are struggling with the same objective and reality: how to end the Iraq war favorably and without admitting defeat, and how to preserve the honor of the American military.

Despite Mr. Arkin's assertion that the U.S. military is in disgrace like the French at the Maginot Line, his CHUD attacks are much less severe and indirect than last year when he accused deployed soldiers of being self-centered ingrates.

Prognosis: New moments in history and the complexities in areas of conflict are difficult to analyze for CHUDs in the media that are already utilizing horribly outdated talking points. It's best to just recreate historical analogies for present events (like Nixonian withdrawal in Vietnam applied to Iraq as Jonn points out). Besides, getting laid was easier in those days, drugs and gas were cheaper, and William wasn't a balding, middle-aged bozo.

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