C.H.U.D. Huntin'

CHUDs have been spotted in various corners of the political blogosphere for quite some time. While many CHUDs linger in the comments on left-wing themed blogs, there have many reports of bloggers being attacked from right-wing sites such as Lew Rockwell or any other site where people think Ron Paul should be president. Some other places where they have been popping up are Youtube comments, Liveleak comments, MySpace, and Facebook. Remember, that CHUDs are only Americans, but we may try international CHUD hunting in the future. Any information on CHUD sightings can be promptly reported to this blog at ltnixonrants(at)gmail(dot)com.

Some basic tools are required for C.H.U.D. hunting

1 Hazmat suit

1 computer (desktop or laptop, your choice)

The willingness to go into the dark sewer regions of the internet

Be careful out there, brothers and sisters. Good Luck and Stay safe!


Anonymous said...

Am I the only one old enough to be reminded by the closing phrase of the last words of the sergeant from Hill Street Blues before sending the patrol officers out to serve and protect?

LT Nixon said...

Congrats, ABWF, you are the first commenter on CHUD busters. Uh, what the hell is Hill St. Blues?

Anonymous said...

Bless your heart LT. Nixon, you are quite the youngin'. I at least can take comfort in the fact that Outlaw 13 will probably catch the reference without help (judging by the cartoons posted at his blog he was around when it aired). Of course, it also aired around the same time as some of the movies you have referenced in previous posts. Maybe you're just having a bit of fun at my expense?