Code Pink Tries To Seduce The Counter-Demonstrators

Beware, despite Jabba The CHUDs sexy looks, she is singing a Siren song

Type: CHUDs on Parade
CHUDitude: 2
Location of Outbreak: Code Pink Blog, post entitled "Jeepers Creepers What To Make of Freepers"
Description of Attack: The Code Pink ladies initially unleashed the CHUD when they began trying to drive out the Marine recruiter in Berkeley. Since militiary recruiting is an essential component of the all-volunteer service, a CHUD attack on this process clearly signifies that Code Pink does not "Support the Troops". However, like the seductive sirens of ancient Greece, they are attempting to woo the likes of Rolling Thunder and The Sheepdogs over to their strange political ideology with this rambling blog post full of gramatically incorrect sentences and a whole lot of exclamation points & CAPS:

We ALL share a concern for the well-being of America's troops.
We ALL have a common desire to see America emerge victorious in the Global War on Terror (although we may differ on how best to achieve that victory).
We ALL recognize that the U.S. Congress, like so many other institutions in our country, has grown corrupt and is not functioning as it should.
We are ALL passionate in the belief that our activism is in the best tradition of American patriotism and vital to a healthy democracy... something toward which we ALL strive.

Like the psychotic woman who leaves you a text message every 15 minutes explaining why it's so great that she just washed her hair, the rationalization for their existence is relentless and painful. When the Code Pink blogger finally ends with a "Let's get Biz-ZAY", you find yourself praying that you have any heterosexuality left.

Prognosis: The Pinkers have long been a punching bag for bloggers, who see them as the most well-publicized caricature of the CHUD uprising. The fact that they are attempting to "reconcile" with their obvious opponents shows that they've lost a lot of public support and seen the stupidity of their shenanigans. However, it could also mean that they have planted a trojan horse and are waiting to lash out in a CHUD-like fury and devour the brains and flesh of their enemies. CHUD Busters advises all friendly forces to remain in a high state of vigilance.


Greyhawk said...

Gawd, where did you get that photo?

Looks like the troops aren't the only ones who need support.

Anonymous said...

. . . it could also mean that they have planted a trojan horse and are waiting to lash out in a CHUD-like fury and devour the brains and flesh of their enemies

So Code Pink is a Zombie Army of sorts?

Mezzo SF said...

trojan chud!!!! alert, alert! nightmare inducing, really.

Ms. Kiyum said...

The trojan horse is apparently hidden in Ms. Code Pink's giant FUPA. Think of it as a Trojan Horse within a Trojan Horse.

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