C.H.U.D. Advisory: rEVOLution March

Can You Spot Jabba the CHUD? (from This Ain't Hell)

Type: CHUDs from the Ronulan Planet, CHUDs on Parade
CHUDitude: 8
Location of Outbreak: Washington DC, rEVOLution March
Description of Attack: There's nothing like a Ron Paul event to bring out teh crazy. Jonn Lilyea does a superb job capturing the activities in image, while the Western Standard informs us of your typical malcontent in attendance:

He's talking about the anti-Christ, and about dots being put on mail boxes. Red dot means the aliens are coming. Blue dot means cheese doodles. Pink dot means elephant graveyard. Actually, no, that's not what he said. Red dot means you're a resistor (or something), pink dot means the government can work with you, and blue dot... whatever.

Sounds like the Uncle your parents warned you to stay away from at the family reunion. Anyhoo, Naomi Klein graced the crowd with her C.H.U.D. presence. She is known for inciting mutiny within the ranks of our proud service members, stating that the military is a bunch of low-class imbeciles, and that 9/11 was an inside job. She spoke at the Paulbot festival, and James Edwards was there to talk about the "patriots" marching against the neo-cons, along with the fact that it was a "mighty whitey" parade in his words (Edwards is bit of a creepy white supremacist). Man, it's a shame C.H.U.D. Busters is located in the Northwest and not in D.C.

Prognosis: Free speech is a inalienable natural right in our modern world, but it can degenerate into a frightening reality as CHUDs congregate upon our very seat of power in DC. Wonkette and This Ain't Hell braved the rEVOLution march to capture the horrors of the C.H.U.D., but sometimes it is necessary to adopt the Homer Simpson approach in the Mr. Plow episode and just clear all the riff raff out of the way.

Call Mr. Plow, That's My Name, That Name Again is Mr. Plow


Anonymous said...

Are Veterans who support Ron Paul C.H.U.D.S. ?

LT Nixon said...


No, of course not. C.H.U.D. Busters is strictly concerned with highlighting people who despise the military, and in this case, a certain segment of Ron Paul supporters. After all, Ron Paul is a veteran.