Flashback: Celebrate Independence Day By Killing Your Commanding Officer

Watch out, General P! (from Zombietime)

Type: A Parade C.H.U.D.
CHUDitude: 8
Location of Outbreak: SF Art Gallery, Tenderloin District on July 4th, 2007
Description of Attack: Sometimes anti-Americanism can become so unhinged and ludicrous that protesting CHUDs will openly offer support to notorious thugs like FARC, Che Guevara, and murderous foreign militants in Iraq. This is often to the embarrassment of more moderate factions which seek to criticize U.S. policy in a rational manner. Zombietime has been chronicling the absurdity of these theatrics in the Bay Area for years. Last year, zombietime visited the Propaganda III Art Show in San Francisco and found the gem above.

Prognosis: Fragging was the practice of killing your superior in Vietnam, which was exploited by the media to highlight massive morale problems with the draft. Obviously, the U.S. military is all-volunteer now, and there has only been one reported incident of fragging for the entire duration of the Iraq conflict (well, two if you count that time in Kuwait). This CHUDs pathetic attempt to incite "social upheaval through art" fails to take into account that Army morale is not THAT bad, communist ideology collapsed 20 years ago, and showing this offensive garbage anywhere else than San Francisco would have gotten him punched in the face. Consider this CHUD's propaganda efforts contained to the Bay Area.

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