Oh The Irony! CHUD Calling for Nuremberg Trials Actually a Neo-Nazi

CHUDs Spreadin' The Hate

White Pride C.H.U.D.
CHUDitude: 7
Location of Outbreak: Amazon Book Reviews, Bugliosi "The Prosecution of G.W. Bush For Murder"
Description of Attack: The new book from Vincent Bugliosi about prosecuting President Bush for war crimes has been making the rounds in blogland. C.H.U.D. Busters isn't very interested in the treatment and public perception of politicians, but our search for any lurking CHUDs begins in the comments from Amazon book reviewers of this new work of non-fiction. There are a multitude of comments dissatisfied with our current Presidential administration, but only one C.H.U.D. in the bunch that seeks to actually put the military on war crimes trial, as the CHUD advocates for the hanging of General Petraeus in a Nuremberg-style trial not seen since the fall of Nazi Germany. This goes beyond the normal discontent with the military and advocates execution of our military leaders in public square like some goofy third-world dictatorship.

Ironically, the reviewer, known only with the cryptic handle A Reader, seems a bit compelled to post other Amazon reviews that suggest he is a man of strong virtue and integrity. Some examples include how the Holocaust never existed, a lukewarm review of Mein Kampf, and calling the supremacist bible White Power "very thought provoking and prophetic".

C.H.U.D. Busters can't make this shit up.

Prognosis: The depth of this CHUDs Amazon reviews suggest that he truly believes in his ideology of advocating violence against a wide swath of contemporary American society. Like the mutants from The Hills Have Eyes, these CHUDs embody the fear that young successful urbanites often possess of rural citizens. "A Reader" is most likely posting these comments from a cabin in southern Utah while masturbating onto the severed head of his mother. His strange obsession with the schlocky band Yes further adds to the creepiness of this CHUD.


Yes Rockswell said...

C'mon - that last bit was a low blow. If you're going to criticize original Rockers like Yes at least back it up with some substance abuse. You aren't fit to carry Yes' jock strap.

Anonymous said...

Gut buster!!