Breaking The Glass Ceiling in an Evil Profession

Type: Wicked CHUDs of the West
CHUDitude: 2
Location of Outbreak: Jezebel, comments
Description of Attack: C.H.U.D. Busters salutes Lt. Gen. Dunwoody who has been nominated to be the first female four-star in U.S. Army history. The U.S. military has been a bit slow on the gender equality front, so naturally, Jezebel, the snarky "blog for women", would voice strong approval for this "herstoric" moment. Despite wide-spread enthusiasm in the female blogging community, one commenter, nellicat, just did not see it that way:

I know I'm being a bad feminist, but I just can't get excited about women making it to the top of the military. It kind of strikes me the same way gay republicans strike me - why on earth would you want to be associated with that?

A quick jaunt over to HuffPo suggests that some members of the blogging community just aren't very ecstatic about this triumph for women's rights either as Mexamerican puts it simply:

what a proud day for women: now they can be in charge of murder too!

Prognosis: Like Dorothy successfully braving the Land of Oz, some witch-like CHUDs just can't accept the achievements of other members of their gender without sending a bunch of flying monkeys after them. Despite the many accomplishments by women in our recent conflicts of this decade, the military remains too politically incorrect to be celebrated for certain CHUDs. These CHUDs prefer women to "break the glass ceiling" in "acceptable" careers like corrupt politician, professional dancer that perjures herself, and fetus-butcher.


olgreydog7 said...

I think I'll keep my CHUD busting to reading this. It just makes my blood boil and I know that most of the comments are from people just like you say. Frat boys, trust fund weanies, people "who rise and sleep under the very blanket of freedom in which I provide, and then question the matter, in which I provide it." Must be nice to hate something so much that allows you to do pretty much whatever you want.

Skye said...

I think I'm in love...

LT Nixon said...


I'm sure you have your own run ins with CHUDs on many occasions, be careful out there!