Protest at Fort Bragg? Wait, It's Just Those Westboro Jackasses

File Photo of The Westboro Church, Pretty Much All Their Protests Are of the Same Caliber

Type: CHUD Jesus
CHUDitude: 7
Location of Outbreak: Fort Bragg, NC protest (h/t Ms. Kiyum)
Description of Attack: The controversial murder of SPC Touma in Fayetteville has sparked significant interest in the media, so a protest at the base could have been about any number of issues: PTSD, accountability of soldiers, women in the military, etc. As described by one local news outlet, there were "anti-military" protesters and counter-demonstrators consisting of Army wives. The "anti-military" moniker is a bit vague, and could not necessarily mean a CHUD outbreak. However, it turns out it was those fuckers from Westboro Church:

The Westboro group, sang the Marine hymn and held signs suggesting that Fort Bragg actively encourages homosexuality. Among the group was a boy, no more than 10 years old, holding a sign which reads “God Hates The USA.’’

Don't these people ever go away?

Prognosis: The list of things that the Westboro Church has protested to bring up the "God Hates Fags" meme has been long and tasteless. The Sago mine disaster, the Pope, Tim Russert's funeral, and many many others. Like the bumps on your genitalia that may or may not be herpes, it is best to ignore the festering sores on our society. However, it's pretty funny when they get Ric-Roll'd.


Elaine said...

No, those bastards basically never want to die.

Anonymous said...

Death is probably the only thing that would make them go away. As repugnant as they are, I just can't seem to wish that upon them.

LT Nixon said...

They certainly stretch the limits of the first amendment.

Ms. Kiyum said...

Damn I missed this. So WRAL actually did briefly mention on the air it was Westboro, but you could tell they really hated giving them any actual press. If I had a loved one die in Iraq, I'd seriously have a hard time honoring the free speech of some jackass holding a "Thank God for IEDs" sign.