CHUDs Trolling From Mom's Basement

Type: Dotsam and Netsam CHUDs
CHUDitude: 4
Location of Outbreak: OYE, Comments (h/t Wek)
Description of Attack: A Special Forces soldier, blinded by a mortar attack, but still proudly serving, would be a moving piece to most Americans, possibly symbolizing the epic struggle of mankind to persevere. Operation Yellow Elephant highlighted this courageous young man, but the CHUDs were still not impressed. Aaron Kinney chimes in:

You would think that after losing his sight that he would realize that the military is a meat grinder, and that it would ultimately destroy him. You would think that he would take this as a warning, or as a foreshadowing, and get out of the military/slaughterhouse... but no.

Oh well. Those who do not learn from their mistakes are doomed to repeat them.

And here we are, the taxpayers, paying a BLIND GUY to keep WATCH over our safety.

Hooray for government! Wheeeee!

I'm sure the paratroopers in the 82nd are wetting their britches at the harsh threats that Mr. Kinney is making from his anonymous residence in Los Angeles.

Prognosis: Aaron Kinney is a recurring troll who likes to spout ideologically inconceivable arguments about "radical libertarianism" and show erotic pictures of his cat. He, along with his CHUD partner Francois, have made similar threats to military members before. They once received the coveted title of "World Class Douche" at The Sniper, and responses to negate this honor were met with accusations that all service members were "faggots". A joint video they concocted on July 4th shows their commitment to America, and clearly it is filmed from the confine of their mother's basement.

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Wek said...

Uhhh, isn't it about time for these dickless fools to realize that the Libertarian Utopia does not/will not exist (as nice as that would be). These guys are making themselves as irrelavant as the Green Party.