Definition of a C.H.U.D.

A CHUD is a charecterization loosely based on the 80s horror movie where mutated humans lived in the sewer and would come to the surface to feast on their prey, which was us normal humans. For our purposes, a CHUD can be defined as an irrational citizen making threats or allegations against our fellow servicemembers on either the internet, at anti-war protests, in the media, or even in Washington D.C. It's best to keep your eyes open when you are hunting CHUDs, because they can lurk in the comments section of a blog...and they may go unseen.

Some traits of the CHUD:
  • referring to our troops as babykillers, warmongers, idiots, etc.
  • protests of recruiting stations or protests openly supporting our enemies that target our troops
  • newspaper articles deriding military culture as rapists or mongoloids
  • ridiculous accusations about U.S. troops killing civilians in Iraq/Afghanistan
  • saying that people in the military deserve to be killed/wounded because they signed up for it
  • declaring our military leadership as traitorous with unfounded facts
Some examples of people that aren't necessarily CHUDs:
  • getting angry with political veterans for their politics (e.g. not liking McCain, even though he is a vet)
  • becoming angry about crimes committed in the war zone (e.g. Abu Ghraib)
  • not agreeing with the Iraq/Afghanistan war
  • getting angry with a milblogger for reasons not necessarily related to being in the military (e.g. LT Nixon, you are a perv)
But, beware! Sometimes these internet denizens could be hiding their true CHUD identity. A few nested comments or two could make them doff their polite blogosphere personna, and unleash a raging fury of CHUD! So be careful out there.


Crash Dude 86-87 said...

Awesome Blog!

Army Sergeant said...

What about those who make threats or vicious comments against servicemembers because of their political views?

I.e. "Armysergeant, I hope you get killed by an IED" (actual stuff said to me)

LT Nixon said...

Army SGT,

Absolutely! Where and when, CHUD Busters is here to help.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for pinpointing exactly who deserves scorn and exactly who doesn't. You are dead-on. Of course, nuance tends do get you ignored on teh internets. Then again, your readers are more fair-minded than most.

- A-ro

Sergeant Grumpy said...

This is great stuff! CHUDs will have nowhere to hide now.

LT Nixon said...

SGT Grumpy/A-ro,

Thank you for your patronage.

john the fisherman said...

i am a proud CHUD :D

Anonymous said...

Have to say i agree with this site 100%, my brother is in iraq right now fight to protect these dumbass CHUDs. Wish you could send them over for just one day to shut them up.

Anonymous said...

The real CHUDs are the warmongers who misuse the troops in wars of choice/imperial hubris.

Anonymous said...

I'm perpetually amazed by people who live free and safe lives as a result of the "warmongers" and "pigs" who risk and often give limbs and lives to enable them to do so. There cannot be much lower life form than those who feel superior and self-righteous holding in contempt the very services who stand between them and forces that would destroy the comfortable world they know.
God bless those who protect and serve. And thank you for looking past the ignorance and cruelty of the idiots and knowing the real world is not a sitcom.

santia said...

I like Dinar.and its revaluation of currency.

THUG buster. said...

What over compensating garbage.

US troops are crap, poorly trained, overeactionary and quicker than most to devolve to savagery. Also invariably engaged in illegal, immoral wars against weaker non threatening opponents based on lies and whilst losing any objectives along the way, except for destroying, killing and spending a fortune.

Facts are facts and being rude to your detractors helps nothing, but it frames the impotence of having no other decent argument to put forth.