Mainstream Libertarians Get Attacked by C.H.U.D.

Type: CHUD from the Ronulan Planet
Location of Outbreak: Libertarian-Republican blog, comments
scription of Attack: Eric Dondero runs the Libertarian-Republican blog and is an avid troop supporter. There are various camps within the libertarian demographic, some more extreme than others, and Eric's decision to stay moderate on many issues, like foreign policy, leaves him ripe for attacks from CHUDs on the comments portion of his blog.

Recently, Mr. Dondero sent a zinger at Lew Rockwell, who penned a silly piece lambasting McCain for using the term "gooks". This is the same Lew Rockwell who called MLK a pederast and warned of the "coming race war" in the 90s. Because these racist newsletters had Ron Paul's name on it and was exposed by The New Republic, it killed Dr. Paul's campaign. Lew is probably the last person in the blogosphere to be allowed to accuse anyone of racsism.

Yet a CHUD named Speculor has come to the defense of Lew Rockwell and Ron Paul with a bizarre rant about the anti-semitism of our troops:

And what about all the special interest groups that gave money to McCain, like the military industrial complex, some of whom profit from the soldiers killing people in Iraq for oil on order (not only naming them names).

Andrew: Are you familiar with Bill White, leader of the national-socialist party in the US, that hates Paul. Are you aware that some neonazis have joined the US military in order to get combat training in Iraq, love killing "non-white" Iraqi's and spraying Nazi symbols in Baghdad? Could Charles Manson be running amok in Baghdad, killing civilians and spraypainting swastikas willy-nilly in the homes of Baghdad citizens as Speculor suggests? Uh, no.

Prognosis: Speculor is flying off the handle with strange, unfounded accusations about neo-nazis in the ranks of our troops in a lame attempt to denigrate the McCain campaign by proxy (since McCain was once in the military). Speculor is most likely to become equally unhinged whenever someone discusses building 7, doesn't understand the CFR-Bilderberg-Trilateral Comission-UFO-Liberal Media connection, or whenever his mother confiscates his Boba Fett figurines for spending too much time on the computer. Consider this C.H.U.D. outbreak a low-level threat and contained.

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no doubt "Andrew" was referring to this article.