SDS Attack Recruiting Station With Disco-Style Theatrics

CHUD Droppings Left At DC Recruiting Station

Trust Fund CHUDs / CHUDs on Parade
CHUDitude: 9
Location of Outbreak: DC Protest on 20 Feb, boastfully publicized in new SDS Newsletter (page 8 of PDF)
Description of Attack: Way back when in February, CHUDs from the Students for a Democratic Society used the clever catch phrase "Funk the War" to trash a DC recruiting station. Obviously, many commentators in the blogosphere not fond of CHUD weren't "Feeling Da Funk" and chastised them for the twerp vandals that they were. The SDS has retailated by publishing a sleek PDF newsletter that promotes "real girl love" rather than "girl hate", shutting down the RNC by utilizing a color-coded "zone system" to organize vandalism, and the employment of Disco in their CHUD-like tactics:

The first Funk theWar started with 30 people, an unmixed mash of music, and a march that weaved around DC's downtown business district blocking traffic. The second swelled to 100 high school students, a DJ, a spontaneous occupation of Lockheed Martin, the dismantling of all the posters and furniture on the inside of a recruiting station, and thewallpapering of the recruiting station, DC republican party headquarters, and war profiteer's offices with stickers.

Their parents must be so proud.

Prognosis: The modern SDS gleefully enjoys living on the coattails of the former terrorist group, which was an offshoot of the original SDS, and the horrendous musical stylings of late-70s music. But even then, they are hypocrites, since the disco icons, The Village People, starred both a guy who liked to dress like a cop, and another dude who always dressed in military duds, indicating disco inherently supported our servicemembers.

The SDS has promised to protest the upcoming DNC in August, and conventioneers should bring proper protection, as the CHUD threat is considered extremely high.


Wek said...

Oh how cute, they're having "Recreate 68 Meetings". Are they hoping the police in Denver also "recreate" what the Chicago PD did in '68? Because the CPD was very generous in administering "wood shampoos" with their billy clubs.

NCCM USN(ret) said...

Recruiters have been enduring crap like this for as long as I can remember. Some stations have actually had cameras and buzzers installed. I have been spit at by protesters in Vermont. Recruiting station in Santa Rosa, CA would have some idiot build a small camp fire on the back steps every so often, you just never know what they may do next.

Seen this idiot? http://madihost.com/?p=343

LT Nixon said...


I was considering a "recreate Kent State" post, but that was a bit too over the top.

Master Chief,

A small camp fire, that's some pretty high levels of CHUDitude! Yeah, I've heard of that guy. Swing on by "This Ain't Hell" and see their IVAW tag for more details.

olgreydog7 said...

Just another reason to hate disco IMO.