The Verdict On Generation Kill Is In

C.H.U.D. Busters can't watch the HBO special...because that shit is extra. However, the verdict is in: No CHUD Outbreak!

For a counterpoint, Debbie Schlussel is flabbergasted that most Marines don't like Barry Manilow, which clearly indicates she has never met a Marine.

Why the Marines Don't Like Barry will remain a mystery for the ages


Anonymous said...

Nice photos ... until he started singing. At that point, my nausea meter pegged at 101% and I had to stop the video.

Like you, I didn't see it either. Nor would I want to.

509th Bob

olgreydog7 said...

I saw it. Not bad, but I'm scared at how the public will take it. At times it shows some of our early mistakes, not giving shelter to surrendered Iraqis, not enough equipment, ect. Other times it is flat out parody of the Marines. If you take it at face value, all enlisted Marines are porn addicted, high on Ripped Fuel, Skoal dippin, blood thirsty killers. Not the best picture to paint. Definatly not the "truth," eventhough there are some guys like that.

Anonymous said...

How long have you been waiting to pull that video out of your private collection? ;)

I haven't watched it either- HBO is not in my current budget (I'm not whining Phil Gramm! Just stating a fact). Like everything else on HBO, I'll wait to see it until I can order the DVDs through Netflix.

LT Nixon said...


How dare you dismiss Mr. Manilow as nauseous!

Caroline said...

I've read the book and there was no CHUDiness about it. Josh Person (the driver of the humvee the reporter was in) is a friend of mine. He said the book was pretty accurate. He's only seen the first 2 episodes, but is happy so far with the series. Who knows how it will end though Hollywood has a way of screwing up great things.