A Brief Chit-Chat with Floyd Gondolli, a C.H.U.D.

Talking is Important To Better Understand Our CHUD Counterparts

Type: C.H.U.D. from the Ronulan Planet
CHUDitude: 4
Location of Outbreak: LT Nixon Rants, comments
Description of Attack: While penning a post on the negative image that can sometimes affect our political third-parties, LT Nixon erroneously attributed the piece "Ron Paul as Prophet" to Lew Rockwell, when it was actually Mark Sunwall writing at LewRockwell.com. Sorry, for the mix-up, Lew! Floyd Gondolli writes in:

Grow up. You aren't qualified to carry Lew's jock. I'm willing to give you a pass on lack of creativity and original thought because of your chosen profession, but please, if you're going to criticize original thinkers like Rockwell, back it up with some substance. Failing that, you only expose yourself as the mental midget your blog shows you to be. I eagerly await your name calling, simple-minded response. Take your time scrolling through your rolodex of insults - I need a good laugh.

Floyd, FYI, Lew only has time to promote CHUD-like aberrations, such as guest posts about God being angry at the troops and the not-so-subtle article "Don't Support The Troops". Lew has much more important matters to attend to, such as becoming visibly outraged that Wal-Mart discontinued their line of Maurice's BBQ Sauce becuase it was "pro-Confederate".

Prognosis: Mr. Floyd Gondolli has directed his anger at people disrespecting Lew Rockwell before. This is the second time he has talked about Lew's jockstrap to LT Nixon, and the fact that his handle is borrowed from the old pervert producer in Boogie Nights seems a bit too creepy to be coincidental. Floyd is mostly likely a hold-over from the Paulmania that took place earlier this year, and is seeking retribution against perceived enemies for sinking the campaign. Consider the CHUD threat low, unless Floyd launches the blimp to take down CHUD Busters along with the Bilderberg conspiracy.


olgreydog7 said...

I love how CHUDs will say you are just going to resort to name calling, right after they called you a name! Ha! It's like the violent war protestors and the eco terrorists who spray paint, CFC's, and burn things, CO2.

On another note, how come I have to sign in everytime I comment. The other blog doesn't make me. Fix it!

Jonn Lilyea said...

I was not aware that Rockwell was so involved in Barbecue politics as they relate to WalMart. That's some deep stuff. Especially since Rockwell's position is bolster by an authentic Austrian economist in Brazil (:eyeroll:).

However, El-Tee, I wouldn't be so flip about Mr. Rockwell's jock strap if I were you. It seems that the support device is highly regarded in intellectual circles as the source of Mr. Rockwell's massive intelligence which apparently derives from the area protected by said jock strap - or thereabouts.

Oh, and Paulmania hasn't concluded yet. In fact I'll be at yet another Ron Paul rally tomorrow chasing Paulians on the BURV.

Floyd Gondolli said...

Nice work, fellas - Ha!

To be fair (and as an attempt to defend myself) I'll re-post my comment from LT Nixon's blog:

For the record, I agree with Floyd from Boogie Nights that Jack should have switched to video tape - oh well, pride is a difficult thing to swallow. I'll leave the butter and lollipops comment alone, way too much room for error in addressing that one.

As for Rockwell, we'll have to agree to disagree. I think you have misrepresented Rockwell's opinions - especially his viewpoint on the Civil War and the Confederacy. Rockwell defends the (Constitutional) right for the States to secede, and saw the Union invasion of the South as both unnecessary and an egregious big government power grab. His stance dates back to the age-old debate between Federalists and non-Federalists...an extremely relevant discussion for today.

That said, if you can provide sources that speak to Rockwell's "craziness" I'm all ears - I'd love to read them. Otherwise, I'm content to just call it a disagreement.

Caroline said...

He seems awfully familiar with Lew's jock strap...

LT Nixon said...


CHUD Busters is going with the blogger comments to include avatars.


Careful, make sure you take proper precautions. Do you still have your NBC gear from Desert Storm?




CHUD Busters is more concerned with people who say vile things about the military. The states rights debate is best left to other bloggers.

Floyd Gondolli said...

In that case, I'm confused. What'd I say about the military that was so bad?

Also, nice move - State's right issue is best left to other bloggers? I can read between the lines!

NCCM USN(ret) said...

"lack of creativity and original thought because of your chosen profession"

Choke on your cud you CHUD - best I could do with my diminished capacity for creativity.

Floyd Gondolli said...

Oh, methinks your skin is a little too thin. The comment about chosen profession is dead-on. I spent a little time in the military myself, and it's no place for free thought. Between basic training, shipboard training, and following orders all the way through your tenure a strong case for conformity is made. THAT'S what I was getting at in my comment - it had nothing whatsoever to do with attacking LT Nixon, you, or any other military veteran.

So I ask again, where's the substance?

olgreydog7 said...

Ahhh...the ol, "I was in the military once, so what ever crap I spew is the cold hard truth!" arguement. Creativity and free thinking is alive and well in the Military. Warfare has changed dramatically in the last 5 years and it isn't even recognizable from warfare in the last century. Here is the catch. The military wants you to have some EXPERIENCE and LEADERSHIP beofre you can go about changing doctrine willy nilly. Interesting concept to have to actually know what you are talking about to be a prerequisite.