Paratroopers in Afghanistan Are Failures

Type: Dahmer CHUD
CHUDitude: 8
Location of Outbreak: Enlightened Rogue Blog, Post
Description of Attack: The 9 troops recently killed in Afghanistan by the Taliban was both shocking and tragic. The paratroopers fought ferociously, but their names and the details weren't even released when a CHUD, lurking in the shadows of the blogworld, chose to taunt his fellow countrymen. Roger Young writes:

If these clowns are fighting for my freedom, as they and their supporters claim, this action is unacceptable. Now my freedom and security is at risk. Let me get this straight. If soldier boys fight and die they’re considered “heroes”, even though being killed would seem to indicate failure. After all, how can you successfully defeat your enemy when you are dead? So, what do you call them when they retreat and run? Cowards?

Roger blogs from the mean streets of Dallas, Texas. Therefore, that qualifies him as an expert on courage under fire from the Taliban. He also calls Vietnam Vets failures in his own classy way over at Crazy Lew's.

Is Roger Young the long-lost brother of shanked-in-prison child-murderer Dahmer? CHUD Busters says maybe!

Prognosis: Roger's consistent reference to Soldiers as "boys" when the military is clearly co-ed, indicates that there's some weird fetish going on with the men in uniform. His photography collection of a glistening young boy playing pee-wee football, boys entangled in a baseball game, and a picture of a deserted prairie to hide his NAMBLA-like crimes is incredibly frightening. Like Mr. Horton's Bike Shop from Different Strokes, it's best to steer clear of this CHUD unless you fancy being sodomized as a headless corpse...while being called a failure.


NCCM USN(ret) said...

Uncanny resemblance. Maybe someday he too can be shanked in prison.

Anonymous said...

I don't condone comments/attitudes like this from CHUDS like Roger and just don't understand why people haven't been able to learn that the first story coming out of a situation like this will be incomplete.

LT Nixon said...

Roger is more apt to stuff dead bodies in 55-gallon barrels than wait for the whole story to come out.

Ms. Kiyum said...

Mr. Horton's Bike Shop -- man you watched too much TV back in the day.