Try Not to Drool All Over Yourself, Marine

Type: Zeitgeist Chud
CHUDitude: 2
Location of Outbreak: HBO Films, Comments Board
Description of Attack: The HBO miniseries "Generation Kill" premieres in about a week, and there has been a heavy marketing blitz found plastered across the politically-themed blogosphere. The miniseries is based on the Evan Wright book and promises to portray the initial invasion of Iraq from the perspective of a bunch of knuckleheaded, confused, and juvenile Marines. Since C.H.U.D. Busters will be unable to watch this miniseries (who are we? The Vatican? HBO costs extra), a quick look at the HBO comments board should shed some light on the target demographic.

One Marine, Recon2506, left a comment, fearing the entertainment industry would try to misportray our beloved Marine Corps: Folks there are a number of former members of the 1st Recon Bn that will be watching. We are suspicious of the intentions of the entertainment industry.

But another commenter, SonnyBlackBDSM, looks forward to the chance to chuckle at the perceived underclass of military servants from his art studio in Los Angeles:

However uncomfortable it may be to watch a portrayal of how confused our leaders and soldiers can be during war time, I always enjoy the reminder of our right to act it out, show it, and expose it. Just as it's "American" to be a jackass while in other countries, it's American to make fun of it (us)....and make money from it. I'm sure Generation Kill will do well.

Prognosis: Sonny Black does not appear to engage in hostile intent towards our servicemembers, but just like the rich housewife who thinks the Hispanic maid will steal all her jewelry, he appears to harbor foolish stereotypes about our most disciplined branch of the service. This is likely due to the fact that the military is portrayed as drug addicts, cold-blooded mercenaries, and bumbling rubes in Hollywood. The relatively small number of veterans (compared to WWII, Vietnam) within mainstream culture further complicates the problem. Sonny's home website shows that he is an artist specializing in the production of bondage gear in Los Angeles, often with scantily-clad vixens locked in cages. Indeed, Sonny, it is great that in America, you can make a living being a "jackass".


Mezzo SF said...

. . . speaking of Hollywood & Co...did you see "Stop Loss"...?

Anonymous said...

One wonders whether Sonny gets a bit of a rise from ye olde war p0rne, too...

-- Greyhawk