CHUD Cornered On YouTube

Type: Dotsam and Netsam CHUD
Location of Outbreak: Youtube, Staten Island Madman's Video Comments
Description of Attack: The self-proclaimed Staten Island Madman, aka Mr. Hotshit 1960, has a video up dating from late 2006 expressing his modest dissatisfaction with the "Fuck the Troops" Myspace group.

Proud American!

In true New Yorker form, he states "You don't back the troops, go fuck yourself, get the fuck outta heeeeere...you little prick bastards". Obviously, this outspoken support of our service members has left him open to some low-level e-CHUD attacks from barely literate Youtube commenters. Sleepy2k16 writes:

a soldier is a sucker, a moron, a dumb animal, a killer, a fool, an idiot. Your stupid. MILITARY MEN ARE A BUNCH OF DUMB ANIMALS, MEANINGLESS PAWNS To be used for profits in foriegn policy

A quick perusal of Mr. Sleepy2k16's YouTube page shows a bunch of creepy 9/11 conspiracy videos in his faves, a lone bulletin who argues that "all we need is love" to solve the world's problems, and a massive anti-CHUD reaction force in the comments section.

You are a disgusting excuse for a human being. GET THE FU*K OUT OF AMERICA WE DO NOT WANT YOU HERE. I would LOVE to boot kick your ass from Maine to the Mexican border. You ANTI-American SCUMBAG!!! GET THE FU*K OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


your a funking dumb ass, I don't know how you can be so dumb, saying that shit about the USMC, those are brave people defending you and you disrespect them? there fucking dieing and your making fun of them?? I just hope someone kicks your ass and kills you for what you wrote...

There are many of these. Apparently, SLEEPy2k16 didn't join Youtube to make a lot of friends and influence people.

Prognosis: Dotsam and Netsam CHUDs are frequently "pwned" by anti-CHUD forces in the exact same comments threads where they first appear. Like wrangling a rabid dog that has bitten their crotch, those that retaliate can often appear clumsy and use foul language as they throw off the offending CHUD. However, it is often best to take the high road during a CHUD encounter free of emotion and contact, as the CHUD's own appearance is evidence enough that he/she is an ugly offshoot of our modern society.

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A. White said...

Bravo Bravo. Very well said. Just loved the last sentence.God Bless our troops and their loved ones.