Rachel Maddow: Smart, Articulate, Progressive, and a CHUD?

Beneath That Friendly Smile Lurks A CHUD Waiting To Strike

Type: PundiCHUD
CHUDitude: 1
Location of Outbreak: MSNBC Countdown, 7/7/08
Description of Attack: Rachel Maddow is a rising star in the progressive punditocracy. The 35 year-old Rhodes Scholar has a glowing review of her at Alternet that states "keeps a punishing schedule that begins at 9 a.m." Wow, 9am! She champions many politically correct causes and the netroots are absolutely gaga over her. But beneath her sharp wit and intelligence, with which she hosts MSNBC's Countdown, she slipped in a CHUD comment seemingly unnoticed while discussing McCain's plan for the economy. At 4:00 in the clip:

Maddow: He's going to cut taxes for the rich, cut taxes on the corporations they own...balance the budget in 4 years...and pay for it all with the pot of gold you get after reaching the highest level in the Iraq and Afghanistan video game. (smug laughter is heard in the background)

Just to be clear to our C.H.U.D. Buster readers, this is the highest level in Contra (a classic NES videogame)

This is a picture of ISAF troops in Kandahar province (it's not a video game)

Prognosis: It is highly unlikely that a PundiCHUD would ever voice their disapproval of the military in a direct fashion on national television. However, the use of downplaying the significance of two wars could have disastrous consequences for our servicemembers down the road. After years of making serving your country look like a big joke, easily-influenced members of congress might side with funding "The Road to Nowhere" as opposed to VA benefits in a tight fiscal year. Maddow's comments were probably a gaffe, and I'm sure she meant no harm to the troops. But, sadly, the damage has already been done, and the American public grows further disconnected with the ongoing conflicts of our nation. This type of foolish language could be alleviated if we got some vet pundits on the cable talk shows for an issue that has a media shelf-life longer than 3 minutes, for God's sakes.


awesome bill from dawsonville said...

I love having my service in Iraq compared to an 8-bit Nintendo classic. Cable news and the pundits that pontificate are like getting hand jobs in high school, they sure are cool the first few times you get one, but nobody likes to be jerk-around forever.

LT Nixon said...

As difficult as shooting the heart and the spiders at the end of Contra, I can see how a 15-month deployment would be a bit tougher.

awesome bill from dawsonville said...

Your talk about those spiders is making my PTSD tingle ha ha . I think my time in Iraq was more the like the A-Team, violence was comical and safe, and I too loved it when a plan came together(excluding the countless frago's) Maddow is a P.H.U.D. ( Pious Humanoid Under Delusion )

Ms. Kiyum said...

Wait a minute! Are you saying you lied when you told me you regularly used the Konami code at work in the Green Zone? I'm flabbergasted.

TheBronze said...

Too bad Maddow's a dyke.

She's kinda cute...in an unsettling way.