WWII Heroes as "Suckers"

Shocker: Frank Weltner's criticism extends beyond simple antisemitism

Conspiracy C.H.U.D.
CHUDitude: 6
Location of Outbreak: Jew Watch, the whole creepy site
Description of Attack: Frank Weltner is an unsavory character. He was issued an injunction in the state of Missouri for deceptively soliciting funds for his hate site by saying it was for Hurricane Katrina donations, he frequently rails against the "ZOG machine" (which should set off your crazydar), and his website reminds cyber denizens of the early days of the internet when everything was midget porn, Star Trek fan fiction , and bizarre conspiracy sites. But he took a break on Memorial Day from bashing our Jewish friends to bashing the troops.

Memorial to America's Death Video:
  • 2:30 I am the dead American from WWI...dead for nothing
  • 3:32 I am the sucker that died on the beach at Omaha, I am the sucker went down in a submarine, I am the sucker who went down in the tanker ships
  • 5:01 When I did take up arms for my country it was not for my country, it was for some New World Order that we were not even told about it
The first-person narrative provides insight into the mind of the CHUD.

Prognosis: Mr. Wetzner's irrational hatred of an enemy that doesn't exist, such as the cabal dreamed up in the much debunked Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, points to the fact that he has a disturbed mind. This may be one of the reasons he was banned from YouTube. Also, C.H.U.D. Busters is pretty sure he was the old codger hosting the Pickle-Eating contest at Sturgis last year.

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