AZ Vet Cemetery Under Attack

A passion for ultraviolence would be the only way you could justify vandalizing a Veterans Cemetery

Type: Thuggin' CHUDs
CHUDitude: 7
Location of Outbreak: National Memorial Cemetery of Arizona, Depicted on local CBS affiliate (h/t Jacki)
Description of Attack: Jacki writes in that the veterans cemetery in Arizona is being vandalized by low-class goons. CBS in Phoenix explains:

Vandals are stealing headstones, ripping down signs and plastering graffiti on pillars at the Valley's Veteran's National Memorial Cemetery, Phoenix police said."Well, they tried to pry this off the wall,' said Wayne Ellis, cemetery director. Ellis was pointing to a spot where vandals tried to pry open a memorial marker where the remains of one of Arizona's U.S. war veterans is enshrined.Ellis said it's the latest incident in string of crimes targeting the cemetery off Cave Creek Road in north Phoenix.Over the past several weeks, there have been at least a half dozen random acts of vandalism, Ellis said. The crimes range from grave markers stolen to inscripted memories shattered, he said.

Judging by the offensiveness of these crimes, you'd wonder if these Thug CHUDs would engage with necrophiliac acts with their mother like Ed Gein.

Prognosis: Like Alex in A Clockwork Orange vandalism and violence is often done for no rational reason, yet symbolizes a disturbing trend in our modern society. When even the cemeteries of our veterans are desecrated, it pretty much opens the door for anything else to be destroyed in a fit of nihilism. They are filming porns at memorials in Europe, and there doesn't seem to be any respect left.

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