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Same Goes For CHUDs

Type: Dotsam and Netsam C.H.U.D.
CHUDitude: 5
Location of Outbreak:
Netflix, Reviews (h/t Jacki)
Description (from Jacki): I was checking out military documentaries on Netflix and saw Frontline: Bad Voodoo's War. Being a long time fan of JP and I went to add it to my queue. I read the "reviews" and this one was charming:

Propoganda piece. Pure garbage that does nothing to show the other side of our troop presence... all of the rape, execution, terror and murder our troops commit regularly.

I guess one shouldn't expect much else from a guy whose name on Netflix is AntiNeoCon.

His other reviews are revealing:

The Peace! - Well done. Just too bad Americans won't wake up and inform themselves with facts like this. Unfortunately, facts are not a part of the American diet, nor are they offered to us in any meaningful way by the "mainstream media". Civic Duty - An interesting fictional portrayal of the irrational frenzy that people in our society go into as a result of government propoganda, fearmongering and indoctrination. Imagine, they were able to stir an entire country into a similar frenzy to build support for the Iraq war. In the Face of Evil: Reagan's War - Propoganda piece. Portrays the imperialist policies of Ronald reagan, including support of terrorists, death squads, etc. against innocent people who pose no harm to us as some sort of righteous cause. Letters from Iwo Jima - True, there is no moral equivalency between Japan and the Us during WWII. They attacked our military installation at Pearl Harbor without civilian targets... we firebombed Tokyo, and nuked Hiroshima and Nagasaki, disintegrating hundreds of thousands of TARGETED civilians Operation Enduring Freedom - Pure propoganda garbage. Skip it unless you want to see it for purposes of assessing the Bush propoganda campaign.

Despite spelling propaganda incorrectly on 5 separate occasions, Anti-NeoCon is well versed in the pathetic art of trolling. This ensures that honest-to-goodness Americans like Jacki can't rent a damn netflix movie or even go to a social networking site without being hassled by low-grade CHUDs. Clearly, people who want to rent the superb Bad Voodoo's War would be interested in military culture and supporting the troops. Therefore, the trolling CHUD will simply denigrate our servicemembers as a way to further their misanthropic ambitions and upset the common user. Like the popular girls at their high school, it is best to ignore these trolls as they spread their hate and discontent for not getting on the varsity Chess team. Thanks to Jacki for the tip and stay safe out there.


ToughGirl101 said...

.... I'm gonna write a new post about this. lol just cos.

LT Nixon said...

Thx, Tough Girl! Keep on keepin' on!

margi said...

/b/tard indeed.

Amazing how no matter how "anonymous," the big chunks just can't help rising to the top of the bowl.