Fringe Group on the Streets of NYC Says Fuck the Marines

Type: CHUDs on Parade
CHUDitude: 6
Location of Outbreak: Times Square, NYC (posted on YouTube)
Description of Attack: The 90s-era Giuliani purge of all things undesirable on Times Square apparently forgot to ship off the Black Israelites to Jersey. A NY Times article from a decade ago notes how they have continued to set up shop in NYC, advocating for the enslavement of white people. This bit must've gotten old, because now they are stepping up their CHUD attacks on Marines, regardless of race. CHUD Busters watched the video so you don't have to:
  • 0:25 Claims that the Army Beret has satanic connotations
  • 1:26 Poster of A-bomb with "America Shall Soon Be Destroyed" prominently displayed
  • 2:29 "Fuck America, Fuck the Marines"
  • 3:30 WTC buildings came down from missiles?!? Uh-oh, we've gone into Truther territory
  • 4:10 Creepy Revelations quotes about the apocalypse
  • 8:00 Walking on picture of Jesus
The Marine's suggestion to "knock themselves out" is the smartest thing I heard in this entire abortion of a clip.

Prognosis: NYC has long been known for bringing the crazy to the streets, but it is also very friendly to our servicemembers, and this Marine should consider himself protected from CHUD attacks while out in public. But he should be fearful of encountering these people in a concealed location. The YouTube user, HARMAGADWAN, has a repertoire of public shenanigans in NYC, and his corny, monochromatic website has photoshopped images that imply all white people are caveman, World War III is upon us (includes Revalations quotes), and that the image of Jesus has been corrupted. The antics of this group are almost like watching a self-parody, and it's very hard to view their CHUDistic affront with any sort of seriousness.

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ToughGirl101 said...

Satanic connotations? What are they talking about? I think my beret makes me look dashing.