The Chaplain Pervs Out

Is Being a Creep in the Bible?

Type: C.H.U.D. Benedict Arnold
CHUDitude: 8
Location of Outbreak: USS Carl Vinson, depicted in Military Times
Description of Attack: Chaplains are some of the most respected officers in the Navy, and when the chain-of-command doesn't know how to solve your problem, they usually advise you to see "The Chaplain" (regardless of your religious affiliation). But LT Dillman stands accused of violating this sacred trust, and putting his holy mitts all over two young, enlisted sailors while stationed on the USS Carl Vinson (CVN-70). Some profiles in creepiness include:
  • inappropriate fraternization (that's military jargon which includes fucking) with two enlisted female sailors
  • threatening to have one sailor's parents audited by the IRS
  • summoning a female sailor to his office while he was in his underoos
  • falsely claiming that he was involved in combat in Iraq and even shot!
  • saying he was the most powerful man on the ship next to the skipper
Abuse of power at it's finest...

Prognosis: At a time when the publicly is increasingly incensed about sexual assault in uniform, this man is certainly not helping rectify the problem. As Brandon Friedman notes "...it is a problem for which we should have zero tolerance. All troops must feel safe within the ranks." Officers are supposed to "set the standard" in the military in the hopes that everyone else will follow suit. Unfortunately, acting like the creepy old guy at a sorority mixer has the potential to turn the Navy into a floating version of Benny Hill.


Wek said...

Yiiizzzz-uck! Although I'm far too skeptical to have any faith in religion, I do, after going through Catholic school, know how much trust some people put in priests/ministers. These sickos are some of the most manipulitive monsters in society.

margi said...

I hope that he gets courts-martial'd within an inch of his worthless life.

Ms. Kiyum said...

When I read this in the Navy Times in July, I went and found this guy on myspace. The hubby thinks it was strange that these young women went out to dinner with him and talked to him on the phone for hours. He felt the public did not get the whole story but agreed that either way he should be severely punished. I could see how impressionable young women would feel pressured into doing these things they didn't want to do. After all this guy is in a position of authority over them, and he's a minister to boot. When I was much younger I put up with a lot of creepiness from a boss because I had rent to pay. There was no rapiness going on, but I put up with shit I never would have put up with under any other circumstances. Eventually I got fed up and grew a backbone, which ended all creepiness immediately, and I continued to be employed by this man for years. As young women, I think we are taught to be friendly to our superiors, and when you are in fear of losing your job that's a huge deal and a major motivator for keeping the peace. As for me, if I ever have a daughter, I'm teaching her to be a heathen, feminist bitch.