CHUD Cheers on Death of French Allies, Bizarre LaRouchey Views on the Economy

A cartoon from Elaine Meinel Supkis. It's meaning is only known to her, God, and the voices in her head.

Type: Conspiracy C.H.U.D.
CHUDitude: 4
Location of Outbreak: EZ Reading Money Matters Blog (h/t NavyCS)
Description of Attack: While the cowardly Taliban continues to engage in terrorist attacks against civilians and ISAF troops in Afghanistan, they would be ecstatic to know that they have a cadre of supporters back here in the states. Elaine Meinel cheers on the heroic terrorists:

US Airfarce bombed French surrender monkeys in Afghanistan. HAHAHA. Why are the French there in the first place? Or the US Airforce? Time to talk about mountain tribes, imperial warfare and the many ironies of history.


The editors of the New York Times are utterly unable to explain why it is vital for the US to expand the eternal war in Afghanistan. Usually, we win wars by nuking civilian populations or carpet bombing industrial rivals. But how many ball bearing factories does Afghanistan have? How many airplane factories? Or tank factories does this tiny, landlocked, poor country have?


Sarkozy is a 100% Zionist. He will kill endless numbers of French soldiers to gain global power so Israel can crush the hardy, difficult Palestinians. The US has bombed many people who were the wrong people so far in the mountain fighting in Afghanistan.

This endless humiliation of the recently fallen and speculation done in sentence fragments continues on perpetually, and reminds one of the deranged homeless person on the street that you dish out 35 cents to leave you alone.

Prognosis: Elaine, who is unsurprisingly endorsed by CHUD-infested DU, reminds me of a Lyndon Larouche protege. These people rail about being Henry Kissinger being a "British Agent", have for decades warned of an economic collapse that hasn't happened, and once beat up the opposition with nunchucks during something called Operation "Mop Up". They thrive on human misery, endlessly driveling on about future suffering for the human race if we don't subscribe to their nutty ideals. Her bio, printed at the bottom of this interview, indicates that she lives on a mountain with a bunch of animals. Hopefully she stays there.

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