Obama Gets Shunned at Columbia University When Discussing ROTC

McCain got Booed, Obama Didn't Get Much Better

Recently, presidential candidates Obama and McCain held a 9/11 forum at Columbia University where they discussed service to our great nation. Both candidates encouraged the school to reinstate its ROTC program after being shut down during Vietnam. Despite Sen. Obama's massive popularity in the left-leaning NYC, and the fact that Columbia is his alma mater, he was booed in a chorus of CHUDitude as he dared suggest that military service could be a viable opportunity. Arkansas INDY Media has the scoop from "Revolution", a NYC panphlet that seeks to win students to the program of "Marx, Engels, Lenin and Trotsky":
Barack Obama dropped a bomb on his young enthusiasts at Columbia University on September 11. The heavily Democratic crowd booed McCain when he called for the Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) to be brought back to campus (it was driven out in 1969 by protests against the Vietnam war). Liberal students expected a different answer from Columbia alum Obama. “Almost everyone’s expecting him to say no [to the ROTC], because he’s on our side, right? So then you heard him say ‘yes’ and everyone’s mouths opened in stunned silence,” a student told the New York Sun (15 September). That should have been the tip-off for anyone who hadn’t figured it out by then: Obama is no “peace candidate” but like McCain he is a certified imperialist war candidate.
This seems to be the guiding principle for the naysayers at Columbia, as it's politically convenient to cast off the military as "imperialist" so that "other people" from flyover country can go off to serve our country. Presumably, some Columbia students feel more proud to take jobs in investment banking and large media conglomerates, so they can spend their twenties at wine and cheese parties in the Upper East Side instead of actually doing something useful for society.

There's one Marine at Columbia who is appealling to Mr. Obama for assistance, and hopefully he doesn't get run off the campus with torches and pitchforks before the campaign gets the word.


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