War Memorial Defaced By Artsy CHUDs

Tagging can be an interesting artistic statement, but memorials should be off-limits

Many of us probably think graffiti in an urban setting is a pretty cool way to gussy up an otherwise boring side of a freight car. However, it goes without say that it has no place on a war memorial. Especially when the young punks who did it, were the same age of the soldier that it was a tribute to (SGT Dustin Laird, KIA Al-Qaim 2006). From the Army Times:
A West Tennessee judge has sentenced two people who admitted defacing a memorial to a dead soldier to work at the armory of the soldier’s National Guard unit.

Brandon White, who is 23, and 22-year-old Sara Gallimore appeared before General Sessions Court judge Tommy Moore on Wednesday in Dresden.

WCMT Radio in Martin reported Moore ordered White and Gallimore to pay $100 each in restitution for painting a memorial to Spc. Dustin Laird in Martin with images of a skull and skeleton.

Moore also assigned them to put in 200 hours of community service work at the armory where Laird’s unit is based in Union City.

Laird was a member of the 913th Engineer Company.

Luckily, the Judge wasn't afraid to lay the smack-down.

(h/t) David M of The Thunder Run


lela said...

Hooray for judges who have a sense of justice!

Wek said...

I like the judge's sentence. Let them face the comrades of SGT Laird.

You didn't give them a "chuditude", but I'll assign an 8 to these 2 since I think it was 4 part malicious and 1 part stupidity.

Susan Katz Keating said...

I'd say, let 'em walk a mile in Dustin Laird's footsteps, but they couldn't come close to filling his shoes. Besides, we don't want their ilk in our military.