Sears Offers Up Fall Fashions of Military Blingage

Type: Miblingin C.H.U.D.
CHUDitude: 4
Location of Attack: Sears Fall Fashion Line from All American Apparel, Nabbed by VetVoice and Politico
Description of Outbreak: The military's effect on contemporary culture is well known, what with the advent of camo cargo pants and diamond studded dog tags to impress your date. It's a natural evolution of culture as soldier's come back from the combat zone to intermingle with the citizenry. But what about when a private clothing company uses the insignia from one of the Army's most storied Divisions, The Big Red One, to hawk some cheesy wares to make a quick buck. The Politico explains:
But Sears, Roebuck and Co. is already moving to market its 1st Division “collection” this fall, and All American Apparel Inc., a privately held New York manufacturer, told Politico on Saturday that it had license from the Pentagon to proceed.

Caught most by surprise are combat veterans of the 1st Infantry Division, who see their familiar red-and-green shoulder patch splashed across Internet websites celebrating soldier chic.
Brandon Friedman has more from 1stID combat vets:
"Wait. What?" he said. The concept wasn't registering. "What do you. . .I have no idea what you're--" he stammered. "You mean they sold the actual patch? To Sears? Like to put on regular clothes?"

He looked horrified. Like he'd just discovered his car had been broken into.

These vets need to suck it up and realize that there's profit to be had. Who wouldn't want to see legions of gel-haired douchebags prowling the nightclubs with spiked hair advertising the merits of the 1st ID?

Prognosis: Haute Concept has pictures of the trashy gear, and notes that it is a way for people to feel "tougher" or more macho about themselves. Like Members Only jackets in decades past, the illusion of being part of an elite and unique organization can pay off handsomely when marketing yourself to the opposite sex. Unfortunately, it does no service to the people who had to actually bust their ass in the heat to get the 1st Infatry Division combat patch, and that didn't include dry-humping the Delta Delta chicks at McScooner's during Rush week.


Ms. Kiyum said...

Isn't All American Apparel, INC also a ripoff of American Apparel? I'm surprised people aren't suing over that one. I used to sport a full cami outfit also, but then I turned nine.

ToySoldier said...

Disgusting. This is an insult to everyone in Big Red 1 past or present. What's next? Diamond Studded CIB's and Jeweled Purple Hearts available at Zales? Sickening.

LT Nixon said...


It maybe not Zales, but check out this website:


Mezzo SF said...

OH MY God. that is ridiculous (to say the least....)!