C.H.U.D. Talk with a Feisty Co-Ed

Commenter Julia writes in on the DNC protest:

Just the fact that I am allowed to think for myself is evidence enough that I am free, and so are you. We do not start wars for "freedom". We fight wars for our national interest (this is quite true; take an international relations class).

Ms. Julia, thank you for your comment, but C.H.U.D. Busters is a non-partisan effort at pointing out those that "Don't Support the Troops" and is hardly the place for political discourse. However, we do feel that our military personnel taking part in a war is a necessity when called upon. The grave threats of Fascism, Slavery, Independence from England, and now Terrorism have been/will be overcome on the battlefields, and probably not at a Chomsky lecture your evil capitali$t parents are paying for. Sorry, but that's how we feel :-\

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