Strange Religious Comment At WSJ About Track Palin

An anonymous reader directs our attention to an odd comment about Track Palin, who is off to serve his country in Iraq. This disappoints a commenter at WSJ as he sees it as a "wasted" life and even brings up the anti-christ as a form of CHUD attack. From WSJ:
“Satan always has a motive, and it usually results in wasted lives, and elaborate deceptions to bleed the support money from the pockets of traditional Christians, who have been beguiled into tithing or giving to Satan’s ministers and Satan’s churches.”
Why are Palin’s children headed for early motherhood, war, a life of dependency instead of training, work, or even the completion of childhood? Why these wasted lives?
Why support the “bridge to no where” & then take the money & keep it for other purposes? Why these elaborate deceptions? Why did they elope & why do you never see Todd in church? What does he have against Christ’s ministers & Christ’s churches? The antiChrist claims to be anointed by God with the Holy Spirit, to be qualified to work in God’s name. But he is a false Christ.
These religious crazies are incredibly difficult to decipher, but they probably would only be proud of armies found in the book of Revelation (e.g. the Four Horsemen).

An Army a Religious Wacko could be proud of!

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