Soldier's Wrangler Trashed For Being Too Soldiery

A former service member and Iraq veteran, Viktor Whitlow, has had his Jeep trashed by thuggin' CHUDs at a university in Texas. This was not a random act of vandalism, as, literally, the red paint was thrown with the oft-cited C.H.U.D. meme that "Soldiers are Murderers". From NBC5i in Dallas:
The vandals used a box cutter to destroy the inside of his jeep, they slashed five tires and smashed through the windshield. Perhaps the most shocking detail to the vandalism was the message spray painted on his hood.In red paint the vandals spraypainted the message, "Soldiers are murderers."
Ouch, they even slashed the spare. The university is covering the cost of repairs for Mr. Whitlow's Jeep, but the VIN will always be associated with being tainted by a ruthless attack from those that seek to denigrate our military. The mission of the Dallas Baptist University is to
"provide Christ-centered quality higher education in the arts, sciences, and professional studies" and it seems the vandal in question assumed Jesus went around with a box-cutter in the middle of the night.

(h/t David M of The Thunder Run)


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ToughGirl101 said...

Okay, you can yell at soldiers all you want, but don't hurt their property. That's just fucking retarded.

Ms. Kiyum said...

It takes a real pussy to fuck with someone's ride.