Ygleisas: Not a CHUD, but Crossing into the Danger Zone

Annoying Tax Burden?

Matt Ygleisas is an influential progressive blogger and often discusses foreign and domestic policy, that's why C.H.U.D. Busters was a bit disturbed to see him write this following post:
It would be silly, of course, to think you can draw a straight line from the Iraq War to the AIG bailout. Or to suggest that prompting widespread panic around credit default swaps was OBL’s idea from the get-go. But at the same time, it can’t really be denied that the economy would be in better shape if the $100+ billion that we’ve spent in Iraq every year for the past five years had, instead, been invested by public and private hands in productive enterprises. If instead of building bombs and Humvees that get destroyed quickly and then replaced, we’d been adding to the national stock of capital and consumer goods. If the people who’d been maimed in the war and are now getting medical treatment were, instead, working productively. Things like that.
Certainly veterans care is expesnive, but society has an obligation to ensure people injured in the line of duty are properly cared for and not lambasted for being annoying tax burdens like the guy on welfare who uses food stamps to buy T-bone steaks. At a time when resources in a tough economy become scarce, C.H.U.D. Busters hopes that society will opt for spending tax revenue on veterans and not so much on the next NYC banking conglomerate that goes belly up.

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