Another Vet Cemetery Trashed

Meth May Turn You Into a C.H.U.D.

The Willamette National Cemetery in Oregon, which has thousands of veterans buried there, has been vandalized for some scrap metal as reported by Flag Gazer at VA Joe:
This beautiful place has suddenly become yet another Military Cemetery defiled by the the greedy and the disrespectful. Recently and on three different occassions, vandals, called ‘metal thieves’ by law enforcement, went into the cemetery and stripped the copper gutters, downspouts and roofing from the shelters used during burials. Additionally, brass name plates and metal urns have been stolen.
This is consistent with low-life meth addict behavior of scrounging up some spare metal to sell for a couple of lousy bucks. Unfortunately, disrespect of deceased veterans is no big deal when it's time to tweak out. At least in California, the meth addicts hassle active-duty Marines, who can fight back.


Claire said...

Holy Cow! The woman at the top (post-meth use picture) looks like a walking corpse.

The whole story is despicable, and as a blue star mom and an Army wife I can't think of a punishment fit enough for vandalizing the cemetery that entombs the bravest of our Land. Sick doesn't begin to describe it!

Ms. Kiyum said...

Same thing happened near my hometown. Some dickheads stole a bunch of urns off graves.