More Freakin' Out About the Blue Angels

Van Halen and Navy Jets...Why is that Not Awesome?

The conspiracy kooks at Lew Rockwell continue to rail against the "fascist" military. This time it has to do with the Blue Angels threatening to conduct bombing runs on the Bay Area. From Lew Rockwell:
To characterize this air show as a form of entertainment is to misjudge its intended purpose. Like the annual May Day military parades conducted by the Soviet government, the objective of this exercise was to remind people of the disproportion of power that the state exercises over them. Should you harbor any sentiments of disobedience to state authority, this is what government officials have at their disposal to bring you back into line. At a time when it became known that a large body of American troops had been returned from Iraq to be deployed in American cities, the presence of such Navy hardware added to the intimidation. President Bush’s threat to members of Congress – as reported by one congressman – to impose martial law should they fail to pass the infamous corporate "bailout" measure, showed the effectiveness of menacing people with violence.
If the purpose of the military was to quash dissenters and malcontents, SF would have been nuked many, many years ago. This conspiracy-mongering schtick is wearing incredibly thin over at Crazy Lew's.

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Ms. Kiyum said...

My guess is it's not awesome because that's Van Hagar, not Van Halen. Put some Panama up on that bitch, and improve its awesome factor by 1000 percent.