When Vietnam Service Becomes a Big Joke on the Campaign Trail

Rolling Stone's, Tim Dickinson, writes a terrible, lengthy article about former Naval officer John McCain. Instead of criticizing McCain's campaign platform, he chooses to belittle his time as a P.O.W. and suggests that he was cowardly during the devastating USS Forrestal fire. You know it was coming, and CHUD Busters is a bit surprised that partisan operatives in major media outlets took so long to begin sinking this low in an election year. If only Hunter S. Thompson were still alive, who was once a service member, this type of bullshit wouldn't happen.

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Anonymous said...

No one is saying that McCain's time as a POW wasn't important. It's McCain putting it on the table when he's confronted with an question he doesn't have a pre-written answer for.

See the Leno clip. Leno asked McCain to explain how he doesn't know how many homes he has. McCain goes into this whole "I was a POW for..."

When McCain stops invoking the respect of POWs to get out of answering questions, the issue will come off the table. Until then, fair game.