Cannon Fodder for Oil

The term "cannon fodder" gets thrown out quite a bit in the blogosphere, often to refer to people foolishly enlisting in the Armed Forces in a time of war. Unfortunately, these comments are usually left off an article designed to highlight inter-service support between Navy mothers. Chetdude leaves his thoughts:

More propaganda for the Empire's War Machine.

It makes me sick to see tax dollars being p*ssed away for the whole spectrum of disgusting pro-war BS!

I guess I should look on the bright side though. The latest push to con parents into sending their kids off to be cannon fodder for big oil must mean that the kids are getting smarter.


If Chet Dude is seeking to impress the ladies online, he should realize that women often judge a man based on how he treats his mother. On an article designed specifically to appeal to Moms with such a CHUD comment, that would put Chet Dude as likely to attract women as Disco Stu.

(h/t Code Monkey)

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