Angry Feminist Takes Out Frustrations on Military

A Face Itching for Pie

Helen Benedict pens a ridiculous, unhinged rant against all-thing male and all-things military in the latest trash from Huffington Post (h/t VetVoice):
These factors certainly all contribute, but the reasons for veteran violence and suicide lie much deeper than these. They begin in the family backgrounds of the troops, and are exacerbated by the nature of military training, the misogyny in military culture, the type of war we are waging in Iraq, and the remorse, fury and self-loathing that comes from fighting a war one doesn't believe in. None of these factors tend to be much discussed in the press, but they add up to a recipe for veteran violence!
More lies from old-guard feminists about the "rape culture" inherent within military tradition. Most modern feminists realize that attacking all males is a losing battle, because men are still required to reproduce and keep civilization around. But these geezerly types still lurk. What's disturbing is that she is a professor of Journalism at Columbia, which may help to explain the media's negative stereotypes towards the military.


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